Chilean Seabass crumble recipe by sapmer


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如何解冻海鲜? 锅闷卡菲尔柠檬南极犬牙鱼

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  • Ice - thaw your fish

    Defrost the Patagonian Toothfish as described below.

  • sliced zucchini Chilean seabass recipe by sapmer

    Cut the pepper into strips and thinly-slice the zucchini, lengthwise. The zucchini tagliatelles may be sliced with a peeler.

  • Choped chives Chilean seabass recipe by sapmer

    Finely chop the herbs and mix in olive oil.

  • cooked crumble Chilean seabass recipe by sapmer

    Make the crumble by mixing the flour and chopped almonds. Add the softened butter to the mixture by using a fork to obtain a powdery texture. Cook the crumble in a pan until golden.

  • Grilled Chilean seabass fillet recipe by sapmer

    Sear the fish on both sides at high heat. Cover it and bake in an oven preheated at 120 degrees Celsius for 15/20 minutes, depending on the size of the fish.

  • Chilean seabass covered with crumble recipe by sapmer

    Serve the Patagonian Toothfish covered with crumble together with the vegetables and salad. Add salt and pepper. Generously sprinkle with herb-flavored oil.

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