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專門為中國廚師和超市開設的展廳,證明了SAPMER決心利用其高檔產品如Ahi金槍魚,Patagonian Toothfish和Rock lobster在該國開展活動。

A showroom in Shanghai to promote SAPMER’s expertise

In addition to its two historical sites in Reunion Island and Mauritius, SAPMER has invested in the Asian continent with the setting up of offices and a showroom in the much sought-after Pudong District, located in Shanghai: A contemporary and electric city waiting to be discovered. This showroom meets all the expectations of seafood enthusiasts who are able to taste and test SAPMER’s products like the Ahi tuna, Patagonian Toothfish and Rock lobster. They will be introduced to these products in the heart of a high-tech kitchen, enabling them to be familiarized with the defrosting process, the cutting techniques and the culinary possibilities offered by these premium products.

Fresh seafood products in various regions of China

Ahi金槍魚,Patagonian Toothfish和Rock龍蝦被冷凍並以集裝箱運往中國市場。抵達後,這些產品存放在冷藏室。一種保持產品完美新鮮度的過程,通過產品的快速深度冷凍實現。 SAPMER將產品發送到許多中國港口,包括上海和香港,主要的全球市場,以便將其分銷到該國的其他地區。

Experience a healthy and gourmet cuisine

SAPMER’s products are sold under its own brand name in Chinese supermarkets and served in restaurants located in various Chinese regions, including Shanghai. The premium quality Ahi tuna, provided by the French brand renowned for offering the best sea products, presents the perfect opportunity for clients looking for intense taste sensations and to discover new flavors. An innovative, healthy, light and gourmet cuisine guaranteed.

Showroom à Shanghai

  • The showroom in Shanghai located at 2F, No.3 Laomatou, No.601 Waima Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, is open all 7 days a week from 10:00 to 21:00.
  • Our team welcomes you in a warm space of sales and tasting of fine products.
  • Equipped with ultra low temperature freezers, all available products will be tasted with a “Fresher than fresh” quality.

Plateforme de distribution

- Shanghai Port, China

- Hong Kong Port, China